Multi Silicon Knights Moving To Next-Gen, Possibly Working On Eternal Darkness 2

Discussion in 'Articles' started by x3sphere, Mar 27, 2012.

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    A sequel to 2002's GameCube-exclusive hit Eternal Darkness may no longer be a pipe dream, as Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack has let slip that the company is working on an IP "that's our most requested" for the next-generation of console platforms.

    "We're really excited and we're working on our next generation stuff. We're working on an IP that's our most requested and we're really excited about that," Dyack told

    Given the smaller size of the company following considerable layoffs over last year, Dyack says it is making a shift back to its roots[...]

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  2. hush404

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    I'm surprised that Too Human didn't tank em, but it looks like it took a big gouge. I would love to play a ED2, but doubt I'd buy a WiiU to do so.
  3. luiscesjr

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    Yeah, if their "Next-Gen" effort is WiiU, well,
    then I think it's quite not a next gen effort =)
    I love Nintendo, but they seem to go down a hill
    a few people can follow. The game I loved the most
    to play was Super Mario World in SNES, but recently
    I sold my GBA, my DSi and bought a psp and a ps3,
    sold my psp and now bought a Vita,
    and those two last ones gave me the most recent
    excitment in gaming, somethign Nintendo lost
    in time, it's always remakes, or the same "new-old" titles,
    same way to play, etc, etc, etc...
    So, as much as I would like to play this game, well
    I am not quite interested on a WiiU, let's see if
    they can prove me wrong in the future, what i really
    hope they will do.

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