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Does anyone still play this? I got it a few days ago and got sponsored by Plan B. Right now, I'm working on my 3rd magazine shoot and trying to do hippie flips.


cant fux widdit
Completed it.

Still play it a tonne. I forgot how to do hardflips though. That's pissing me off alot.


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I just beat the Bowler Challenge in the Plan B warehouse, and honestly - it pissed me off. WOrst than P-Rod's challenge. I can now bust 720s without that much hassle.


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I found the funniest glitch ever when I was playing Freeskate with Dem Bones on the Megaramp. It's on skate.reel somewhere for the PS3 version, I found it at my friends house so it should be under the username "flames23".

I can't find it on the PC version of skate.reel, wtf.