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So I think I might go to college...


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sounds like a good plan.i go to college atm and trying to get into a programming course myself. at the moment though im learning a bit of c++ on the side although really the only major thing i've made at the moment was a program to convert farenheit to celius.haha...ah well :)


Plus i forgot to mention email communication with a professor is a huge pain. If you have a simple question on why your function won't return the correct value you will probally be waiting at least 3 hours for him to tell you that you used ++ instead of -- on your counter variable. :p


Dude, Just be a cook...Eat good and get the ladys...nothing better in world.


Vodka sauce spaghetti.

If you wanna no how to make it post up and ill tell you guys its very easy.


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+1 to davey

Online college / classes are worthless.

It shouldn't be a question. There is no reason for anyone to not go to college and get some kind of degree. Even if you don't have the money, there are very competitive student load programs, and the government offeres all kinds of help, you just have to know where to look.

I am in my third year in a Network Engineering major at a top tech school. I work at an amazing company who is the largest in it's industry. One of the top 10 technology companies in the world and make the most of any of the people in my major already by 20%.

A little hard work and motivation, you'll get very far. To be competitive in this world you need an education. Now, even having a bachelors degree is not really enough. I plan on going to MIT for a masters in Network / Internet security. The default degree for my children will be a masters, since everyone else that wants to get to the top will have one. My childrens's children well all need PhDs to be competitive. It's the More's law of education.

Check my post in the Cars thread and you can see what it's gotten me.