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Some kind of "trophy"or badge for amount of games that are 100%.


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I'd love for there to be some kind of metric for total 100% games across all platforms. The first thing that comes to mind could be a platinum trophy but obviously it could be an exophase badge or something.

It could either be a total for all 100% games across all platforms to just individual? But I think total across all would be best.
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I think it'd be cool for completed series/half completed series, kinda like aStats. Very biased of me, I really like the idea of completing games in series.


I also like the idea. There is one problem, however:

What about DLC releases. Sometimes you complete a game at 100%, then a DLC drops and you go back to < 100%. Do you loose the badge than? This might not be a problem on PS4 etc, since you can get badges for completing the main game, but I think Steam, for example, does not have separate listings for the main game and DLC.


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Make two basic categories for badges: Vanilla and DLC. Completing the base game gets you a vanilla badge that will stay. Any added DLC won't effect the vanilla badge and will give a +1 DLC badge when completed.


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Steam doesn't separate achievements for DLC from the base game ones, so that would probably have to be done manually game by game. It's feasible if we can get the community to edit our games' database, but idk how we could moderate that.


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So far, the community is pretty good at self moderation. We tend to point out pretty quickly when something looks fishy.