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Something strange and concerning...


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Recently, play history for Fifa 16 on PS4 showed up on my profile.

I don't own a ps4, i don't own fifa 16, i don't know anyone who owns fifa 16 on a ps4 as far as I know.

At first I thought my psn account had been hacked, however I checked on my account on the Sony site; I only have my 2 ps3 listed on my activated devices. I recently did an activation reset. Is it possible that someone hacked and logged in and played on my account with a disc version without changing the password and without it showing up on activated devices?

I can't figure this one out. Has anyone had false stats showing up on their profiles?

Could this be a glitch on this site's end?
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Yeah i just confirmed by opening up my vita.

I have to be hacked, it's the only explaination.
I think I'll ring sony tomorrow and see if they have any other reports. I've definitely not been phished.
I also recieved an authentication email from Origin on the same day.

I brushed it off thinking it was a phishing attempt because the email looked weird but it was in fact legit. Also an EA product, far too coincidental.

The thing is i believe they have to know that password to even get to that point. I got sent a varification code AFTER I entered my correct password.

They're all different passwords... I don't see how this is possible. They have to be in my email. I've seen no other fishy business or evidence in my emails.