PSV Sony Removes Hot Shots Tennis from PS Store Over Vita Exploit

Discussion in 'Articles' started by x3sphere, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. x3sphere

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    Sony has pulled Hot Shots Tennis, also known as Everybody's Tennis Portable, after an exploit that took advantage of a save game vulnerability was made public a few days ago. Motorstorm Arctic Edge was removed in a similar fashion earlier this month, and to date it has not returned for purchase on the PlayStation Store[...]

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  2. B2K24

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    So why can't games be designed that don't have any exploits?
    This is really bad for consumers that have bought these games and the devs who worked hard to make these games a reality.
    Haven't Sony learned from the PSP how save exploits work?
    Why does this keep happening with so many games now?
  3. Trigun

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  4. hush404

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    Hardly blame em. Look how hard the PSP was cracked wide open and how much sony blamed piracy for it's troubles. You really think they're just going to sit by and shrug with exploits if they can (it's prob in their EULA somewhere) just pull content and patch it?
  5. Alex

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    Good to see the scene still going strong. Didnt math have like a tonne of exploits just waiting for the right time to be released?
    Most likely behind the scenes the vita has been cracked wide open.

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