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Discussion in 'Feedback & Support' started by Neuski89, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. Neuski89

    Neuski89 New Member

    Hi fellow hunters, trackers..

    I'm new to Exophase, and waiting for my Origin account to be tracked,But that's not what i want to talk now ;)

    I think the sorting can be a bit better by adding some options, i thought of two that i use on Astats and that i think are extremely useful :

    - Sorting games by achievement completion = So i can see wich game have the highest percentage of achievements done, thus seeing fast how many i need "to do" to complete.

    - Hiding "achieved" achievements, on game page, so i can hide those achievements and see the list of wich one i need to do. Its alot easier than going through one page of "achieved achievements" to see the rare one i need to do to complete the game.

    I think these 2 buttons/choice of sorting could add great benefice for people who like me, want to see exactly what they need to do, rather than trying to find into all i have achieved, what i didnt.

    Thanks for reading ;)
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  2. x3sphere

    x3sphere Administrator Staff Member Enforcer Team

    Sorting by achievement completion will be implemented soon, and I'll put hiding achieved achievements on the to do list - will be pretty easy to implement a toggle so I'll try to get that added in the next few days actually.

    Thanks for the suggestions :)
  3. Neuski89

    Neuski89 New Member

    Nice ;) Thanks for responding that fast, happy to help !

    A little "Select * from 'achievement' where 'completed' = false" and its done ^^
  4. x3sphere

    x3sphere Administrator Staff Member Enforcer Team

    Added a new Average Progress sorting option. Note that when you use this, it filters out games that have been 100% since those would show up at the top otherwise. The completion date sort has also been changed so it sorts first by completion then average progress, so you can use that as well, but figured it would be best to have two options rather than keeping it all in one.

    Also added option to show/hide earned achievements
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  5. Deepo

    Deepo New Member

    Very useful addition, thanks X3Sphere! Trying it out, I just discovered that I have one game that's 100%, but it doesn't register as completed:
    I played and completed the game while in the army, so all achievements are marked Earned Offline. Is the reason it's not marked completed maybe some kind of anti cheat measure? Not a big deal, just curious.
  6. Neuski89

    Neuski89 New Member

    Well, all i can say is thank you very much :D
    Its really useful, did take some time to notice the new button, but its nice to have it, great job !
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  7. x3sphere

    x3sphere Administrator Staff Member Enforcer Team

    Ah, yeah the function that marks games as completed was expecting a timestamp. Since all the achievements in that game were earned offline, it was giving a completion timestamp of 0, therefore not passing the checks.

    I updated it so it just falls back to using the last played date for the completion, if no achievement timestamps are available. Maybe won't be fully accurate in some scenarios (like if we scanned in a game that was recently played but completed a long time ago), but I'd think in most cases it should be close.
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