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Sorting search results by number of players a game has, instead of the randomness it is now


New Member
Can the site please sort search results by the number of players a game has? Right now, the search results appear to be randomly sorted. It'd be nice if we could easily see the most popular games for a series at the top of the results, and therefore as an added bonus, the most popular consoles those games were played upon.


New Member
Not really. You try searching the following terms on this site: "control," "final fantasy," "mario," etc., and you'll see why I wish the results were sorted by "most players." The most relevant games in any series or search term are the ones with the most players. And yet, for certain search terms or queries, some of the most relevant games are placed very low on the search results.


Staff member
Enforcer Team
For now I would recommend searching from the games list page (https://www.exophase.com/games/). Sort by players, then click the search button nearest to the dropdown. That should accomplish what you want.

The main search page needs a refresh, we're planning on updating that soon to include other areas of the site, so you'll also be able to search players and individual achievements from it. I'll add more sorting options alongside this update.