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Star Craft 2 achievements - stacked


New Member
First off, you have done an excellent job with the StarCraft 2 achievements. They all appear to show the correct names and pictures which is more than can be said for blizzards own site. So quite how you have managed that is beyond me. Well done.

However there does appear a slight oddity in that stacked achievements only show you as completing one in the 'chain'. This creates the odd situation whereby the first in the chain is often deemed the rarest / highest value.

An example below:


as you can see I have the "Hard 25" achievement, but apparently not the 5, 10, 15 or 20 despite those being prerequisites to the 25.
This is reflected in the completion stats, as apparently 0% of the player base as the Hard 20, presumably because they all have the Hard 25.

Not sure if this can be addressed, but it would be awesome if it can.

Thanks for the good work.


New Member
Not sure if this helps any, but I noted the following, here is another players profile that earned the Lost Viking achievements along time ago, as you can see they have only got credit for the 500k, not the 125k or 250k:
Annotation 2020-05-20 205516.png

I recently achieved these, but there was time for scans between my completing them, and I have credit for all 3:
Annotation 2020-05-20 2055.png

I am wondering if the API only reports the highest achieved? As I achieved these while already linked to Exophase, and with sufficient time between each one to allow a scan, I managed to get credit for all of them?

Not sure if it helps any, but just thought Id post findings.

Again great site, keep up the great work.