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Starcraft 2 - 20th Anniversary Achievement names


Me with a topic about SC2 again... :|

You guys have done an amazing job with the mess that is Starcraft 2 achievements. Blizzards own site still barely works, yet somehow you pull almost all the correct images and names for achievements.

Up till recently Meta Gamer score has displayed SC2 just like the blizzard site. However now it all shows correct, including the 20th anniversary update from a couple months back.
This got me excited that blizzard had fixed the source, but it seems there site is still a complete mess.

So it got me thinking did MGS start pulling from a new source? or manually fix it?

Either way, I wondered if its possible to pull the correct names for the 20th update over on Exophase?

Great work as always.



Staff member
Enforcer Team
I just forced an update on the achievement names/descriptions, does it show correctly now?


IT looks like all the descriptions are correct now! (At least all the recent achievements I have seem to show correct names /descriptions)

The only issue is they all show a black Icon?

Somewhat related, the "rarest achievements" side bar shows the incorrect icon for some of them, see below:


While Accension 300 should be:

Perhaps issue is linked?

I am probably the only one who cares about SC2 at this point on here, but I very much appreciate the great work.