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Status thread for RetroAchievements API outage

For the latest updates, please visit the RetroAchievements Discord channel.

As we have been receiving a lot of messages asking why RetroAchievements profiles are not updating on the site, I decided to create an announcement thread to hopefully better inform everyone of the current situation and direct users to the proper channels for updates.

Starting around June, the RetroAchievements API was disabled as it was impacting reliability of the RA site itself. At the time, they left a few API endpoints operational so we could continue updating profiles for existing users. They planned to fully re-enable the API once certain planned upgrades were made to improve the site performance.

On August 1 however, RA experienced a surge in traffic and the site itself went down. They have since restored the site and moved it to an upgraded server to handle the increased load. This time the decision was made to completely disable the API - which is why your profile on Exophase hasn't updated since then, despite them restoring the site.

We do not have an ETA on when the API will return, and until it does, profile updates for RA will remain down. All other tracked services are not affected. The current roadmap per a developer from the RA Discord is highlighted below.

All in all, I would recommend being patient as RA is entirely a community-run effort and the developers are volunteering their time to keep the site up. The latest updates can be found on their Discord channel, though I'll try to keep this thread updated if any new news emerges.

Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 4.55.13 PM.png
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Good to hear, thanks for telling us about it, maybe I'll try some retro gaming tomorrow. 🎮
(Also: apparently I can't spell, turning RetroAchievements into RE instead of RA before.)

David L. Duarte

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Guys... Is not working for me.. Although I created retroachievements accounts while The API was down... Could this be the reason why my exophase signature does not show. My retroachievements?


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Pretty sure I found both your accounts on RA, so I tried generating gamercards for them, and it just keeps generating, but no cards. When I enter my own account name, it generates my card rightaway, but it already had that one cached I think. Maybe you need to get another achievement (since the API was re-enabled a few days ago) before Exophase can sync?


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Tracking is still disabled for new accounts. The API endpoint that gives us the user ID is still down, that's the main issue. We only need that on initial sync, which is why existing accounts track fine, but I don't see another way of getting it.

Might just have to wait until they completely restore all the API services, hopefully it won't be much longer of a wait.
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Must still be not working correctly. Did a scan and it wiped 25 of my earned achievements in Pocky and Rocky SNES. Shows 29 earned on RA still, but only 4 earned here on Exophase.