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Steam account will not work


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All my privacy settings are set to PUBLIC (nothing is checked) and i have turned them on and off multiple times. It keeps telling me my account is private when i know it is not. My account updates on trueachievements so i KNOW IT WORKS.

What is not doing its job this time?


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What's the link to your Steam profile? Your username looks familiar, you may have requested removal from the site in the past and the account needs to be reactivated by staff before you can readd...
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yes i believe i did a year or so ago but i just made a new (clean) account on Steam so it would not mess with my leaderboard status (My main account liked to used SAM.

The OLD steam account was Neoicelord (AnimeGamerWeeb)

The NEW account is Kira*Moonvalley (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199190885528/)

EDIT: Checking my account, it seems to say:

"Unlink Account
Your Steam account has been successfully verified. Login with Steam feature is available."

Should i unlink and link again?

EDIT2: i still get "Steam information could not be retrieved. This may be due to privacy settings on your account." after unlinking and relinking.

EDIT#: it seems to have just started working >,< THANKS! Have a great Sunday!
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