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Steam game count issues


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I found in my profile some problems in the counting of games of Steam and in the date of the last time played that does not appear in several games:

- On the Steam website, I have 733 on Exophase and it is 938
- I noticed that some videos entered the count in the list of games
- Many games that I had already played do not mark the date of the last game on the site

Thank you and congratulations for the best achievement site in the world !!!


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Regarding the last played timestamps not showing, usually a manual scan will fix this. I just ran one and looks like it did.

The easiest way to fix the game count would be to hide anything that shouldn't display there. When editing a game there is an option to hide it and this will subtract from the total.

Currently I'm not checking the content type of anything on Steam, anything that's read in from the API is assumed to be a game. I just checked and the API does list those videos in the 'GetOwnedGames' call - so it's sort of a Steam issue, ideally it wouldn't list them there to begin with. In order to filter them out, I'll need to start checking the content type of products from the Steam store. Until that's implemented, the best solution is to manually hide them.

Even taking out the videos though, it seems there are more games on your account than the 733 Steam reports. It's hard to say how they arrive at that number. Perhaps DLC is taken out - but if I took out both the videos and DLC, it would be less than 733.


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Thanks for the answer, I understand about the game count. I ran some manual scans and the dates appeared correctly

Another suggestion: would it be possible on UPlay to show only purchased games and not show games from other platforms (PS4, XOne and etc.)?