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Steam Sync / Main Page Login Issue?

I just set up my account and tried to link/sync it with my Steam profile, but have run into two issues:

1) Although I can login to this site for the forums, I don't show as logged in on the main page. If I try to login on the main page, it shows a red bar with no text above the login fields. I've tried resetting the password, but the issue persisted.

2) If I try "Login with Steam," even though the next page is correct (i.e. the "Sign into exophase.com using your Steam account" Steam page), when I continue I just get an empty, white browser page with the following text at the top:

After manually navigating back to Exophase, I still do not appear as logged in.

Maybe this has to do with how new my account is? Or maybe not? Either way, just trying to get it sorted out.

Edit: A couple of hours later and it looks like everything is working fine, now. Patience 1, Me 0.
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Yeah it seems to be resolved now, thanks for reporting this.