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Strange listing


I've somehow recently got three games (Cities: Skylines, Football Manager 2015 and The Long Dark) in the Xbox category which really shouldn't be there. First, these games weren't even available for the first version of Xbox and second, I don't own them there, only on Steam. Could someone please take a look at this?


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I removed them. Seems to be something MS is doing, on Xbox.com these also show under the Achievements tab: https://account.xbox.com/en-us/profile?gamertag=D31n1ol

They must pick up games you play on other services if the Xbox app is installed. These are filtered out here now though.


Thank you. I had used the app years ago only because of State of Decay 2 and after that never again. But then they must have picked up the data from Steam, because I don't use the app anymore and Windows was completely reinstalled during that time. Strange story.