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Strange OS X Boot Problem

Okay, I try to boot OS X today, but I get some problems. Here's the story:

I get the apple logo, and the spinning wheel, but it won't progress any further. It seems to be an OS X problem, considering Windows 7 in Boot Camp works fine. So I try Safe Mode (Shift on boot). Same problem. Next step is Verbose mode, but I don't get any errors, it just hangs after initialising the network card (I'll add a log soon). Next step I pop in the Leopard install DVD, and try to see if Disk Utility can find the problem. Drive appears, but Verify/Repair are greyed out... Can't see partitions, can't mount/unmount. I see if the terminal can achieve anything with fsck -y. It ends immediatley with no output. My final step is to Archive and Install, but the Installer shows NO drives to install onto...

Wierd, huh? I was thinking it's software seeing as OS X is only affected, but now it appears it's a HDD problem, without ANY noticable effects in Windows 7. Anyone got suggestions? It's a shame considering I was about to start some iPhone development...


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How long ago did you install Windows 7?


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I had this same problem when installing Windows 7 before. I wasn't able to find a fix for the problem though :(

Thankfully I had a time machine backup, so i just reinstalled OS X and got all my files back :D


Hi, I'm Nima
My advice would be to walk into an apple store and talk to a genius there. They have better diagnostic tools, provided by apple itself. They've never let me down.

Although, I have no suggestions as of how you may fix your issues right now.