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Suggestion: Add a button to collect other game-related media


New Member
I'm a big fan of some series (Deus Ex, Prince of Persia, Hitman, Tomb Raider, Street Fighter etc etc) and I always read comics, books, artbooks, watch movies and other media related to games. it would be nice to have a site tracking all of them not just video games obviously without score and with a Y/N tag which can be "read" or "watched" or custom. What do you guys think abut that?


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I think I understand your reasoning, but there's something to say for having specialized sites to do these specific things. There are many similarities between these media, but also a bunch of differences.

You can finish both books and games, but books don't have achievements to log. Series have seasons, and often people watch those as they're being made, so you don't finish them as easily as a film. You can't automatically track a user reading a book as you can with an online game.

If you're just talking about having media you can mark as "Owned" and or "Finished", no achievements, no time tracking, that would be a lot easier to make. I wonder if something like that doesn't exist already.