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I have a few suggestions for exophase. Let me know what you think:

  1. Android app for tracking game time. It can detect games in various ways:
    • Android games as specifically classified as 'Games' on the Play Store.
    • Games are typically on fullscreen.
    • Games can be manually added to a library in the app and 'launched' from the library.
  2. Tracking game time from Origin. Origin tracks game time now, and it's quite accurate.
  3. For Uplay, include both achievements and trophies (club challenges)
  4. Include Armor Games and Epic Games achievements/accounts.


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That's a good idea for an app. I'll put it on the to-do list.

Tracking Origin game time can't be done from our side, it is only shown when you are logged into Origin, and you can't view it on other profiles. We could possibly create a script that users install on their browser when visiting origin.com to pull the data, but I'm unsure how many would use that. That's sort of what GOG do - they get your user token when signing in which gives access to the play time data.

Epic Games support is planned, they haven't added achievements yet to my knowledge though. I'll look into Armor Games. As for Uplay, the achievements can't be pulled server side right now. Right now the only way we could do it is by having a desktop app that pulls data from the Uplay client, but that's not really ideal. Ubisoft mentioned awhile back they are expanding the profile system so - hopefully achievements will be made public eventually.
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Thank you very much for the quick reply.

I appreciate this website as it is the only website that I've ever found which combines the playtime and achievements of multiple gaming clients. 👍

If it gives you any motivation/encouragement, I will personally be very happy to use any new scripts you make for Origin, Uplay, etc 😁. Maybe it would be easier to make a chrome web extension for browser clients, or desktop background app 🤔.