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Suspected of using an achievement hack (again).

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Hello, exophase crew. I've already made a post about that a while ago and you unmarked my profile.

Again, I'm not banned on astats (https://astats.astats.nl/astats/User_Info.php?SteamID64=76561198085462698) and I'm ready to post broken games I fixed if that's needed.
There are a few broken games I fixed with existing community methods to keep the average game completion at 100%. Most of those games are invalidated on astats for me, not sure if that could cause the ban on this site. It feels like I'm getting targeted since I noticed over 500 SAMmers just by checking 2 games' leaderboards and they are still there.
There were no 3rd party programs involved in any of my achievements. I post videos for all the hard ones as a proof.
Additional info about broken games is in my Steam profile's info section. Let me know if I should explain something here.

P.S. I'd like to know the reason of my ban, because one of the mods checked my profile a while ago and it was fine. I haven't done any fixes since then.

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