Take-Two CEO: Exclusivity To Help Agent

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    Speaking at E3, Take-Two CEO Ben Feder explained that the decision to announce Agent as a platform exclusive on PS3, the latest original IP from Rockstar Games, was made in an strategic effort to receive full backing from Sony.

    Feder likened the move to releasing past Grand Theft Auto entries as timed exclusives. In other words, Agent might not always remain as a PlayStation-centric franchise, but it will be from the start.[blockquote2]At this phase in the cycle, when you’re trying to launch a new franchise, exclusivity can really help you launch the franchise. It can give you the kind of platform that you need to start exclusive, start in the right kind of way with the right kind of partner. Exclusivity does work.[/blockquote2]With a new IP in hands, risk is higher and as such it does make sense to head down the exclusive path, especially if you're receiving funding and support from a company like Sony.

    Take-Two grooming Agent to be the next GTA [GameSpot]
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    It's being made by Rockstar, so I have hopes for it. And it's for ps3 =)

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