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The Death of Sony Security


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That's interesting to know.


Anytime you power your console on your activity is sent, even if you have auto sign in set to off. As long as your console has any active internet connection it is sent.The dont know is when Sony will do something and what exactly..


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I don't thing that even Sony is evil enough to brick a machine on purpose. It's very silly. The person will then no longer buy any games for their console, and probably will be so spiteful to Sony for breaking their console that they won't purchase other Sony products.

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Banning an account can be just as brutal for people who go for achievements and have bought games (wait, do your games stay on the HDD if you change accounts?)


i'm sure if it wasn't illegal, they would=-)

probably will be so spiteful to Sony for breaking their console that they won't purchase other Sony products.
Sony doesn't care about that.
If they'd care for things like that, they wouldn't have removed OtherOS - and they started doing that BEFORE the GeoFail exploit already!
The exploit only gave them an excuse to do it on Fats too.


Not much Sony can do right now. The only thing they will have on the PSP2 is Mathieulh's idea on preventing UMD ripping.
I kind of understand now what geohot was trying to do with his tools. By never completely signing packages he kept the NPDRM keys safe and made all homebrew universally identifiable. He was trying to keep PSN piracy down while also deliberately giving Sony a way to see who's using homebrew.

Respectable move.


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One of the main guys invloved in the Wii hacking scene, Waninkoko, has made a CFW with a backup loader for the PS3.

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It's only causing bricks on the old fat models with 256mb of nand, all of the others are working.


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I will wait for a CFW with a some sort of recovery bootstrap built in.

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All of this is moot for anyone who doesnt pirate.

Theres no point in hacking or CFWing a ps3 that has no legit homebrew or a legit homebrew scene. Hello World and cheap versions of tetris arent enough for me to take whatever risk I have to against Sony.


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I would do it for a nice emulator library.

It is possibly to build a slim and small HTPC that would be able to handle most emulators up to the Dreamcast maybe (except for the Sega Saturn) that you could setup to boot into a Media center type interface and integrate the emulators into it.

Found a paid-for solution http://www.gameex.com/ but fairly sure there are ways of doing it for free. I think I remember a Lifehacker article regarding it from ages ago

EDIT: Found the lifehacker article. It uses XMBC so that can be either a good or a bad thing depending on taste but here it is http://lifehacker.com/5523672/turn-your-xbmc-media-center-into-a-video-game-console