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The Death of Sony Security


Los Doyers!
Alot of users are reporting success and playing backups.

It is unstable though, but it seems to only affect certain models of the PS3, there is a compatibility chart floating around.
I'll still wait til something with more features comes out.


Los Doyers!
I've read something like that. That if you can get a nor programmer or something you can fix your brick. Math had something on his twitter about that.

The CFW that is causing bricks seems to only affect older Fat models only.
Yeah, the older models have 256 MB of NAND, whereas the new models only have 16MB. Those with the larger NANDs appear to be the ones bricking.

Looking at Math's tweets it seems like Waninkoko's supposedly simple Lv2 patch also seems to have zero'd out a large part of it as well, which may be the root of the issues. Original Tweet.

I wish Twitter had a wall-to-wall feature like Facebook, would allow following conversations to be so much easier.