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The Ubuntu equivalent of the Windows "Run" function?


Drop The Gun
I need to access my media server, and in windows all I have to do is go to run, then type in the iP address (Run->\\192.xxx.x.xx\public) and it opens my server in a new exporer window.

How do I do this in Ubuntu?



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Fairly sure you can type in the address bar of the file explorer. Haven't used any GNU/Linux distros in quite a while though.


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iirc, to mount a network file system in linux/ubuntu from terminal: mnt \\server\\folder, then it should be in the directory path of: /mnt/folder

but it's been about a year since i messed with networking under linux, so i can't guarantee the info is 100%

just in case menace's solution doesn't work, but ubuntu's file explorer is probably smart enough to recognize network path's in the address bar.