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PS4 Thinking about trading ps4 for switch


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Okay so I have a 1Tb PlayStation 4 slim currently. I’ve had a ps4 basically since release and I’m just kind of bored of it. The fact that there is almost no split screen games worth playing anymore has kind of ruined it, I only play by myself for a hour or so a day (so fairly casual) but that also has a lot to do with not having access to my tv for a good portion of the day except for when I’m ready to lay in my bed at night. I would prob play it more if I didn’t have to be tied to the tv but that is just me guessing.
I know the switch has a bunch of co op games to play, I play with my 15 year old sister a lot (we were playing black ops 4 zombies but it’s gotten boring) and with the newest modern warfare having basically 0 split screen support other than online, and she isn’t real into it and doesn’t enjoy the online gameplay although I would play online occasionally. Games like Mario cart and smash would be fun for us to play together and also with my kid cousins.
I’m not not entirely sure if trading in for a switch is the best idea since GameStop currently only gives 150 for the ps4 which is enough to cover half of the switch and game trade ins are almost pointless since GameStop gives next to nothing for most of them.