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Turn my phone into a wifi access point?


I have an x10 mini smartphone with an unlimited data plan. Is it possible to use some sort of app to turn it into a wifi access point?

I can already tether via USB for my netbook. The problem is, I want to briefly get my DS online.

El Diablo

Should be able to root your phone and once it's rooted download wireless tether (pretty sure it's on the market) and that's it, but it has to be rooted.

http://anebg.net/2010/12/02/how-to-wifi-tether-wireless-tether-your-xperia-x10-mini-pro/ saw that before, should have everything you need right there. I don't think wireless tether works with you phone. Edit: Their link is dead for the actual app but everything is on the market if their links are bad.


Coding random shit
if you can tether your phone to your comp already, you should be able to create an ad-hoc, and share the internet through your laptop, further more, if u can modify the default path on your router(most stock fw's won't allow this, probably have to flash dd-wrt), you can share your tetherer'd wireless to your router, and all your devices can use your phone for the internet, whils't still connected to a router(assuming your near a router)