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Ultimate Quake Patch by MenaceInc


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This patch utilizes the DarkPlaces engine developed by LordHavoc, the music patch originally hosted on widescreengamingforum.com and the NSIS install system developed by Nullsoft.

If anyone objects to their work being used in this patch, please feel free to contact me at shatorikiriyama [a] hotmail.co.uk

This patch can be used with the retail versions of Quake but the default directory is that of the Steam version.

These patches will install music for Quake, Quake Mission Pack 1 and Quake Mission Pack 2.
This will come to a total of ~300MB of space for all of the patches.
I've also included a custom config.cfg for more modern default fps controls.
Please note as well that selecting Delete Local Content on Steam will not delete the music or dll files included.
These will have to be manually deleted.

Also, trying to Verify integrity of game cache will result in the game files being overwritten with the originals.
If you try installing one of the Mission Add-ons, you will need to reinstall this patch as Steam rewrites over the modified files.

That said, please do not bother me with Steam issues.

Ultimate Quake Patch v1.1.1 by MenaceInc
Ultimate Quake Mission Pack 1 Patch v1.1.1 by MenaceInc
Ultimate Quake Mission Pack 2 Patch v1.1.1 by MenaceInc


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Updated to include the 20100408 build of the DarkPlaces engine which has the following fixes

LordHavoc said:
New DarkPlaces engine release with many improvements and bugfixes, including:
High quality shadowmapping - r_shadow_shadowmapping 1 to enable, or r_shadows 2 for shadowmapped model shadows only.
New Bounding Interval Hierarchy collision culling system to improve server performance on Q3BSP maps (mod_collision_bih cvar is on by default).