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Hm... does anyone know if you can view game activity for Uplay profiles without having the user added as a friend?

This my profile: https://club.ubisoft.com/en-US/profile/exo_x3sphere

Maybe I'm missing something, but when I go to the profile pages on Club Ubisoft, it just shows a summary for the user and none of their games/achievements etc. Can't view user profiles inside the client either it seems, unless the user is on your friend list. I also tried on the Android app and this doesn't seem to be possible.

I have a method of grabbing the data but I am a bit concerned if there's no way to view the profiles publicly on Ubisoft's site. Not sure if this will continue working :( I feel like you used to be able to see the full profile on Club Ubisoft, but the sites's changed since I last looked at it. So far doesn't prevent us from adding tracking technically but not a good sign if they've removed the ability to view profiles without having the user as a friend.
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