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Username Change Request — Allow Use of an Username from a Deleted Account and Its Use As the Username of General Gaming Accounts (XBL, PSN, etc.)


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iTzGiGAxX was the GT/name of my than standard account. However, I was facing many issues with the site at that time and fucked up some of my info, things that could'nt be changed, which made me ask for the deletion of my account, which was done in a couple of days. Immediately as I got to know about that, I tried creating a new account using the same email and with the same name/GT from that previous one, but the site wouldn't let me for some reason. After a few unsuccessful tries, I thought that it might as well have been a temporary bug regarding my account or something, and so almost day after day for about a week I tried creating a new account using the same information of the previous one, but with no success.

It's been a few months since this all happened. I just remembered about this situation a few moments ago. That's why I'm "taking measures" just now, so sorry if this accidentally complicated things in my case.

So a few moments ago, unconformed with this whole things for months, I've finally done the most obvious thing to do in a situation like this: creating a new account with a different email. (Surprising, isn't it?) But turns out, as expected, one can't just use the username/GT from another user in the site, as that would be classified as catfishing, I think.

Therefore, with all that in mind, here comes my question: As the iTzGiGAxX username/GT, my previous one from my old deleted account, is now unused, can I please be the its "new" "holder"? Can it become my new username for this account or I be allowed to change my username to that one and to use it as the nicknames of my gaming accounts (XBL, PSN, etc.) again? Or, better yet, to finally be able to create a brand new account with the email through which that account was created (gr******1@gmail.com)?

I mean, I'm just trying to recover what was already mine but the site wouldn't let me for some reason. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kindly and patiently waiting for some help from y'all,



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When a user requests deletion we do not allow any of the services they linked to be re-added to the site unless they specifically request them to be re-added. It's for privacy reasons.

I have removed the privacy flag on those accounts now so you should be able to link them again.