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Steam Valve Opens Steam Pre-Orders for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Get 10 Percent Off


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With less than two weeks before launch, Valve has announced that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now available for pre-purchase on Steam. As an incentive, those who pull the trigger early will receive 10% off the original purchase price and early access to the public beta starting on August 14.

Additionally, Valve is running a Counter-Strike Midweek Madness promotion in which all franchise titles can be had at deep discounts.

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This really is a nice month for games. PC Dark Souls, Guild Wars 2, and CS: GO all come out within that week.

El Diablo

Can't fucking wait for CS GO. Preordered it the other day, now I have to sit and kill time until the 14th when I can finally play. So excited for this game. Especially for only 15 bucks, I mean come on.

I know the sale is over now, but the 66% off the other games was great too. CSS, CS GO and 1.6 for something like 18 dollars and 50 cents? What a steal.