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Virtualbox 3.2 beta supports Mac OS X guests


Seth's On A Boat.
I tested it out. It works quite well.

Download link: Index of /virtualbox/3.2.0_BETA2/

Phoronix said:
While Oracle has yet to put out OpenSolaris 2010.03 and they have disbanded other open-source projects formerly under Sun's umbrella, they are moving full-steam ahead with Virtualbox. This morning Oracle has put out the VirtualBox 3.2 Beta, which re-brands itself as Oracle VM VirtualBox.

Beyond changing around the branding to reflect Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems, the 3.2 Beta of VirtualBox offers experimental support for Mac OS X guests, memory ballooning support to dynamically change the amount of RAM exposed to guest VMs, CPU hot-plugging for Linux and some Windows guests, new hypervisor features, support for deleting snapshots while the VM is running, support for multi-monitor guest setups in the GUI, USB tablet/keyboard emulation, RDP video acceleration, NAT engine configuration, and support for executing guest applications from the host system.

This is quite a nice set of features, albeit some will be disappointed that there are no plans for a Gallium3D driver for VirtualBox. VT-x/AMD-V on 64-bit hosts should also provide faster performance via the new VirtualBox hypervisor features and there are various other features and bug-fixes in this release too.

The release notes with feature list for Oracle VM VirtualBox 3.2 Beta 1 can be found on the VirtualBox mailing list.
Source: [Phoronix] Oracle Builds Upon VirtualBox With 3.2 Beta

EDIT: Demo..



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You should add "On OS X Hosts".

It's against the EULA to virtualize an OS X Guest on a non OS X host.

VMWare has had this feature for a while now, but it's good to see VirtualBox hot on it's heels.
While it's true that it's against the EULA, it works by default regardless. I had recorded the video on Debian..

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Updated to beta 2.

Changes since beta 1:
  • Provide Java bindings
  • Windows hosts: fixed failure to load VBoxDDR0.R0 on Windows 7 x64 hosts (Beta 1 regression)
  • Mac OS X hosts: fixed VBoxREM load error on 64-bit Snow Leopard hosts (Beta 1 regression)
  • GUI: Storage Settings UI: choose empty medium for CD/FD devices by default (improvement)
  • GUI: First Run Wizard is now synchronized with New VM Wizard (fix)
  • GUI: added a checkbox for absolute pointing device (USB tablet) (improvement)
  • GUI: misnamed boot disk setting in New VM Wizard fixed
  • GUI: Storage Settings UI will now sort listed attachments by storage slot (3.1.0 regression)
  • GUI: HD, CD, FD, Network device LEDs are now synchronized with device presence
  • GUI: Mini-ToolBar for Full-screen and Seamless modes should now have correct positioning, mouse-hovering and correctly update own seamless-mask in case of multi-monitor setup
  • GUI: New Hard Disk wizard size-editor now will NOT reset own value in case it is invalid allowing user to edit it (value still stricted by reg-exp). New Hard Disk wizard location-editor now will NOT allow to enter empty location.
  • Seamless: fixed regression with Linux guests (Beta 1 regression)
  • OVF: several fixes (compatibility/bug fix)
  • OVF: supports import/export of LsiLogicSAS controller (compatibility fix)
  • VRDP: allow to bind to localhost only (Mac OS X hosts; bug #5227)
  • Storage: fixed several issues with async I/O
  • Main: sometimes a new VM was created with invalid settings (Beta 1 regression)
  • Main: enabling a USB keyboard no longer disables the PS/2 keyboard (EFI access in OS X guests) (improvement)
  • Linux hosts: support VDE networking mode if the VDE library (libvdeplug.so.2) can be found on the host
  • Guest control: faster execution / retrieval of output, extended documentation, fixed some shutdown issues (improvement)
  • Linux Additions: The shared folders kernel module is now loaded on demand. Fixes loading of shared folders from /etc/fstab in Ubuntu 10.04 guests.
  • Guest Additions: new icons according to new branding
  • Guest Additions: VM information properties now are only updated if necessary (performance optimization)
  • 3D: Restoring Ubuntu Lucid VM with 3D effects hangs
  • Bridged networking: dropped delayed packet processing (Windows hosts only) (performance optimization)
  • Bridged networking: fixed regression when attaching to a wireless NIC (Beta 1 regression)
  • HostOnly networking: fixed DHCP server launch mechanism (Windows hosts only) (Beta 1 regression)
  • NAT: crash in built-in TFTP server (Beta 1 regression)

Binaries are here: Index of /download/3.2.0_BETA2


Seth's On A Boat.

Everywhere else I read about this always said "On a Mac".

BRB Downloading VirtualBox.
Beta 2 for me isn't working with Mac (Presumably a bug introduced or something. It's not like it says "Cannot boot", it seems that EFI is at least temp. broken), so try Beta 1 first.

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Alright, Mac OS X support officially was removed for non-apple hardware. That being said, you can still enable EFI and have it work on beta 2 onwards, so they had to do so Apple wouldn't bitch..EFI isn't owned by Apple so they can't bitch.

Also, EFI fix for Beta 2 (View topic) virtualbox.org


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While breaking an EULA isn't the same as breaking a law, it's still frowned upon because a lot of the time, the copy of Mac OS X is pirated.


Seth's On A Boat.
While breaking an EULA isn't the same as breaking a law, it's still frowned upon because a lot of the time, the copy of Mac OS X is pirated.
and it was. That's because that's the only way to get it on a non-windows PC. Tbh if Linux didn't exist I'd probably end up buying a copy (Not because I am omfg about it..it's just easier that way) and using I think it was boot-132.


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It's in the program files folder.

If you downloaded virtualbox beta 2 like today they re-spun the thing with the EFI fix. If it's not working, re-download it.
While breaking an EULA isn't the same as breaking a law, it's still frowned upon because a lot of the time, the copy of Mac OS X is pirated.
Apple does make things easy though. Considering Snow Leopard costs only $50 and has no actual protection (ie product keys & activation). When you see that Windows 7 Home Basic goes for about double that, it's more convenient to actually buy the damn disc. :laugh:.

But this is excellent. Once I find time I want to put it on a VM on my main PC. Finally i'll be able to use iMovie in a more responsive environment.


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I tried this on my friend's Toshiba Satellite laptop, and I kept getting an problem similar to larry's.


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I have a (legit) snow leopard install disk (I own a mac, my friend doesn't) and we're trying to get it to work.
I don't know if there's any pre-requisites we have to set-up or anything, but it get's stuck after a certain time and returns an error.
I'll try again and post what it says.