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What Car do You Drive?


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As the thread title asks, just kinda curious what everyone here is driving. I just picked up a 95 Nissan 240SX. Needs a bit of cosmetic work, but it runs REALLY well and is a fun car to drive. Plus they're highly customizable which is a nice plus as well.

El Diablo

06 Acura RSX (fuck me for not waiting and getting a type s, or just another car in general).


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Why don't you like your RSX? I've always thought Acuras were pretty sweet cars. A bit pricey, but other than that, they're nice.


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My mom has an 03 Ion actually. That's the car I had been driving until I picked up my own ride. Decent cheap car, haven't had any major problems with it so far, although lately that looks like it's about to change.


One year from now I'll be somewhere along the lines of my driving test and buying a car. I can't wait.


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My mum has a fairly recent Fiat Panda, a slightly off colour yellow. I quite lke it, and it came with a free Skindred CD.


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My vehicle hasn't changed since posting here.

2007 VW GTI MK5

Mine is like this one (same rims, metallic black, moonroof, etc.. )​


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An old Honda Civic, albeit with a new paintjob, new rims, and new interior. It was my dad's project car, so we've been fixing it up since before I got my license. I believe it's a '93, though I'm not sure of the date.


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I currently drive a Peugeot Boxer fitted.
very convenient for travel .....



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I don't currently own a car, although I drive the family van: 1997 Chrysler Town and Country - not 100% about the year. I love driving it because it feels like you're riding in a tank compared to most cars and is very comfortable (huge seats, lots of room). The only think I hate is backing out of spots or backing up in general with it, still not 100% with it.



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Yeah I've never been a fan of larger vehicles, never really had enough experience with driving them around to be too comfortable either though. I'm a sports car and compacts type of person.


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Rally racer papa Neil r what up!

Anyway same as Neil mine hasn't changed either. Still driving a 03 Pontiac grand am white. Still have the 84 vette but its garaged for the moment with my motorcycle for winter.


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Got myself a second car last Wednesday.
'96 Toyota MR2 GT Tenth Anniversary Limited Edition (122 of 250)

And the other one. '99 Nissan Primera SX

Both together.



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Got this as an early Birthday present, got my test next week hope to pass.
Ive just gotten allows and the windows tinted slightly.
Only prob with it is i have reversing with the anoying spoiler :S

*Picture looks like the car.*