What Do You Wanna 100%?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by JoeMD, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. JoeMD

    JoeMD New Member

    If you're on here I'm assuming you like to 100% games. I thought it might be fun to have a place for people to share what they are trying to get 100% on and how they are going.

    Currently I'm working on 100%ing Sonic Mania, but the full list of games I want to 100% on Steam is as follows -

    Sonic Mania
    Sonic Adventure
    Sonic Adventure 2
    Sonic 4, Ep 1
    Sonic 4, Ep 2
    Sonic Lost World
    Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing Transformed
    The Darkness II
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution (although knowing my skill level i don't know if it's possible :p)
    Tomb Raider

    There are a few on X Box One as well, but as I don't have access to my XBone right now I won't list them for the moment.
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  2. Survival Horror

    Survival Horror Active Member

    And Sonic Sonic :D hehe, good luck with these ones.
  3. FatalGoddessYT

    FatalGoddessYT New Member

    I am trying to get 100% on:
    Mafia 3.
    Tomb Raider.

    All the AC franchise but there's no achievements on steam for it but AC have their own goals in-game.
    I was trying for the witcher 3 but I have no clue on what I'm doing in "Gwent". Lol.

    To be honest I try to complete the game with as many achievements as possible and try to 100% them.
  4. NocturnalNL

    NocturnalNL Active Member

    I believe Assassin's Creed has a few achievements on UPlay tho or however they call that contraption these days.
  5. RhesusOC

    RhesusOC New Member

    I'm gonna go ahead and say God of War 3. Thats the one thats been closest to platinum for me for the longest time, unfortunately I cant fucking complete the Challenge Trophy and since I havent been able to do that yet I've given up on beating it on Titan (hard) mode.

    Currently I'm working on getting Platinum on The Fractured But Whole and Assassin's Creed Origins.
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  6. Every Transformers game, but I have troubles on some of those challenges they have put on every one of them, or then those classic multiplayer achievements which are out of my reach since I have no gaming buddies.
  7. SC Shadow Blade

    SC Shadow Blade Active Member

    I would like to get the platinum in .hack gu and 100% in Jade Empire special edition for google play..(achievement wise)
  8. Survival Horror

    Survival Horror Active Member

    I want to complete Forbidden Siren, i had it back on ps2 and never finished it, because Shibidos keep resurrected :p
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  9. React Lynx

    React Lynx New Member

    At the moment I'm trying to fully 100% Rogue Galaxy then I'm going to move onto the Kingdom Hearts series; after that I'm unsure what to I'm going to try and 100% :p
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  10. Cabooshy

    Cabooshy New Member

    My "I Want to 100%" list right now:
    WipEout 2048 w/ the HD/Fury DLC
    Sanctum 2
    Euro Truck Simulator 2
    TrackMania Turbo (on le Ecksboks)
    Warframe (did I say that already? oh right, Xbox, Yeah...)
    Destiny 2 (to some extent)
    Transistor (Hey Luna!)
    Garry's Mod (if I can be bothered to play anything other than Sandbox because Building == Best Mode)
    And many, many more I can't think of lol, I guess my entire Xbox and Steam Libraries

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