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What is your Favorite Single Player Game?



Definitly Bioshock Infinite, together with the two Burial At Sea Episode DLCs. A masterwork of its time
Risen 2: Dark Waters.

I'm really big on role-playing games with dialogue trees, and while i love the BioWare and Obsidian games, there are usually not too many different ways to resolve a specific quest or mission that are not obviously signposted. In Risen 2, you can do the usual and boring 'pick the pocket of the guard to get the key' or 'sweet talk the commandant into releasing the prisoner into your custody'... or you can do some off-kilter things, like learn voodoo and take over the mind of the commandant, or blow a hole in the prison wall with a cannon mounted on the rampart.

It also has a spectacular sense of humour, surprisingly touching moments of companion interaction and a lush setting that is a joy to explore.

The Darkness II, Metro: Last Light, Alpha Protocol and The Witcher III also deserve a mention.
Bioshock, Tomb Raider & also GTAV. These are great examples of how Single player campaigns should be done.