What is your Favorite Single Player Game?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Damnlag, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. TimidLilWolf

    TimidLilWolf New Member

    Fallout 4 so far, awesome game!
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  2. SC Shadow Blade

    SC Shadow Blade Active Member

    Have you ever tried the other fallout games?
  3. Nocturnal

    Nocturnal New Member

    Fallout serie, Skyrim, Gothic
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  4. SC Shadow Blade

    SC Shadow Blade Active Member

    Skyrim is awesome but I personally enjoyed Morrowind the best. Have u ever tried Morrowind?
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  5. Nocturnal

    Nocturnal New Member

    Yes, It played on the first xbox and pc. Great game :)
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  6. Nocturnal

    Nocturnal New Member

    all played. I own Fallout 1 & 2. Original CD
  7. GarrettThief2

    GarrettThief2 New Member

    Red Dead Redemption:)
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  8. SC Shadow Blade

    SC Shadow Blade Active Member

    OMG its an amazing game. Everything about it from the guilds, t the quest to weapons and armors even spell making...memories lol
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  9. klopger23

    klopger23 New Member

    I'm playing video games for about 25 years now and enjoyed a lot of good titles...

    But the first game that comes to my mind when someone asks that question would be "Metal Gear Solid" for PS1.

    Blew my mind with perfect graphics, gameplay and story back then.
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  10. SC Shadow Blade

    SC Shadow Blade Active Member

    Graphics are important but gameplay story comes first to me i dont care if its 8 bit if its good then im ok
  11. klopger23

    klopger23 New Member

    True. Should have chosen another order of my pros ;)
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  12. alex_chainho

    alex_chainho New Member

  13. Therealluigigamer97

    Therealluigigamer97 New Member

    Dead Space
  14. BattlefieldDoktor

    BattlefieldDoktor New Member

    Half Life is for sure my all time favorit single player game.
  15. MelismX

    MelismX New Member

    Awesome post!
    I play quite only single player games, and i can find here a good source for my next play. Thanks!!

    If i've to tell my favorite one, than Metal Gear Solid.. I know first episode is the best one but i would have played all. Unfortunately i missed ps3 for Xbox 360 (i would do it again) and couldn't play MGS4, so i'm hoping for a ps4 remake even if it seems to be impossible.

    Than the witcher.. For long time i've been an elder scrolls fan but i played the witcher 1 and 2 and i fall in love deeply. Now i'm playing wild hunt and it's better than the others... Best for GDR players!!!

    I could add a lot of masterpiece, from monkey island to residenti evil, blackguards or portal, warcraft and dragon age... And so on..
  16. LoyalSaber

    LoyalSaber New Member

    My favorite single player game is probably Persona 4 Golden on the vita.
    Will most likely be replaced by Persona 5 when it comes out just like how it replaced Shin Megami tensei 2 on the Super Famicon.

    If we are including Visual Novels as games though then it would be tied with G-Senjou no Maou
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  17. Kaiberith

    Kaiberith New Member

    Like LoyalSaber above me my favourite single player game has to be Persona 4 Golden. Truly amazing game. Took over my entire life for longer than I care to admit, lol. Love the whole Persona series and can't wait for 5! :)
  18. ultraviolet

    ultraviolet New Member

    so many to choose from over the years, standouts for me off the top of my head would be: GoldenEye, wipEout, Black, Bodycount, all three BioShock games, the Geometry Wars series, Defence Grid 2 and Street Fighter Alpha 3
  19. electoblaze

    electoblaze New Member

    As cliche as it is, I (like many of us) really enjoyed The Last of Us. I remember starting the story fresh and getting hooked for at least 3 hours. This is coming from a multiplayer-focused gamer so when a single player story catches my interest for that long, you know it's good. I've currently played it through entirely 5 times.

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