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What is your most expensive in-game purchase?


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What is the most expensive item have you bought in video games? Mine is AK-47 | Vulcan (Well-Worn) from CS:GO for $55.


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Zipper Face Balaclava in Rust. Right now it costs $140 on the Steam Community Market, but I've managed to get one for $75 on DMarket.


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Forza Motorsport 6 DLC's, it was a bundle with all the stuff for 15 bucks. My golden rule is spend less than $5 or 80% off, yeah I am a cheap bastard.


I spent $300 worth on an accessory for Roblox, but that isn’t really a game itself but a platform. I have bought two $50-60 passes in a couple of games on Roblox as well, those are probably my more expensive purchases.

I have also spent $25 on bundles in various Google Play games, I try to limit my Android purchases to max $25 though.