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What Mp3 player do you own?


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I have the new Ipod Nano, my first ipod and no doubt my last after using it. It is amazing, the only downside is itunes which is quite tough to use, and fairly confusing, but I'm getting the swing of it :)


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Zune 30 GB
I'm planning on getting an 8 GB second generation iPod Touch this holiday though.


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RoBz said:
2nd Gen iPod nano - Red, 8GB.

Oh, and lame skullcandy earphones.
I thought they were decent for the price. I payed $10 for mine and they block out the sound outside pretty well.

Bass sucks really bad though. Whole song is crackly if it has a bit.


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Sony walkman nwz-615F

cute little thing, about the width of a non-3g nano but a bit shorter, has an excellent screen and battery life, and it is durable. only complaint is I didn't save up/wait for more so I only have the 2GB version.


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Eran said:
Cowon iAUDIO7, Black 4gb. The most awesome compact player on the market. Epic quality, epic battery life (>30 hours play)

I also have a iPod Touch, but that's more a PMP than MP3 player, at least it is the way I use it.
You can bear the touch after cowon's SQ?

How is the touch bar on it? I've been thinking about one myself, or a d2.


Ipod Mini (4GB)
Ipod Nano 2nd Gen (2GB)
Ipod Shuffle ?Gen (1GB)
Ipod Nano 3rd gen (4GB)
Ipod Nano 4th gen (8GB)
Ipod Video ?Gen (60GB)
Sony Walkman MP3/MP4 (2GB)
Arcos SD MP3 (2GB)
Ipod Photo ?Gen (20GB)

Samsung ? w/4GB SDHC [Touch Screen thing from Verizon]
LG Chocolate 2nd Gen w/4GB SDHC

Blackberry 8820 w/2GB SDHC

i personally use the new nano and the blackberry


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iPod Video (60GB) (for my movies)
iPod Nano (Current Gen / 8GB) (just got it, but i sold it to a friend)
PSP (4GB) (when i wanna play games, and surf the net at the same time!)

I'm going to get either an iPhone or an iPod Touch in January.


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I've had quite a few MP3 players, right now I'm using a Creative ZEN Nano Plus just because it's so nostalgic xD

Before it I was using a Creative ZEN V but I didn't like it, basically because I have a lot of music from a lot of different artists and it played the artists always one-by-one and I had to manually change the artist :/

I also have a Chinese wristwatch which is capable of playing MP3, WMA, WAV and a weird video format called SMV. The battery sucks though so I don't really use it anymore.

Then I also have my Nokia N70 and a few broken MP3 players, most of which are Creatives xD. Maybe I should buy an iPod..