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what music are you into?


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What music are you into people?

Any core/metal heads out there like me?

Currently jamming Drift by ERRA

Really enjoying it so far, Orchid is an absolute banger.

xLil SheWolfx

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I tend to listen to most of everything though my favourite genres are:

Video Game Music

Survival Horror

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My favorite genre is death metal :) I like a lot black metal too and i love Italo Disco 80s
Of course i like some old heavy metal songs, ballads, some old rock and some old countries from my country. I can listen many other genres like techno 90s.
Death metal and Italo Disco are my best genres.


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I like death metal too. Through The Eyes of The Dead and The Faceless were probably my favorites


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death metal
black / death metal
black metal
everything else except deathcore / metalcore.

One of my current favs:
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