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What phone do you use?


New Member
I'm using my trusty Samsung f700 right now, it's a pretty slick phone with:

-Full touch 3.2″ screen
-3 megapixel camera
-Slide-out QWERTY keyboard
-HTML Web Browser for mobile internet
-Music Player


It's a great alternative to the iPhone, but it's more a business version than a youtube browsing machine.

Th screen is big enough for me, but the real bonus is the qwerty pad that slides out, all phones should have these.

Anyway, what phone you using?
I am using one plus 5. and want to move on one plus 8.


New Member
I'm using a Samsung device, I was thinking maybe I should switch to iPhone yet I always decide not to in the end.
No achievement tracking on iPhone, though. ;)

I moved from a Samsung Note9 to a Google Pixel 6a recently. Very happy with the stock Android experience.