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Where are you from?

Righteous Nixon

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I live in Farmington Hills, MI. Its located in Oakland County and is a part of Metro Detroit. I was actually born in this city. There really isn't much to say about it. Its out in the burbs so things are pretty peaceful. I like the area we live in as there are a lot of tree's. I lived in Downtown Detroit and Hamtramack for a number of years, back when I was going to college, and it really is a cement jungle. No trees, no wildlife, just cars and buildings. So it was really nice moving back to this city as I am an outdoors person and there is just something nice about having big beautiful tree's everywhere. I actually live right next to a small lake and I walk over and feed the ducks over there on a daily basis during the spring, summer and fall months.

The whole duck thing is actually kinda funny as it started innocent enough. We feed the birds, chipmunks and squirrels on a regular basis at my house and somehow, a wounded duck made its way over to our house. I assume it was because of the bird feed we put out. His right leg was severely injured and he couldn't walk on it at all. It just hung there and looked really bad. So we started feeding him (started roughly 4 years ago). Well, it winds up he belonged to a small group of 9 ducks which included 4 males and 5 females, one of which was a pure white albino mallard. Anyways, feeding the injured duck, which we named Forest (due to his bad leg...Forest Gump), wound up attracting the rest of the group so feeding one duck quickly led to feeding 9. Well as the months and years went by more and more ducks learned that we were putting feed out (mostly cracked corn and raw peanuts). 9 ducks led to 20 ducks and 20 ducks led to 40 ducks and....well, it quickly spiraled out of control. This last year we had over 220. Its very difficult to get an exact number, but I have tried counting a few times and it was definitely over 220 this last year. The numbers got so out of control that I had to stop feeding them at my house. Do you know what its like to wake up to 200+ ducks on your lawn? The neighbors didn't really appreciate it so I had to start walking over to the lake and feeding them there. If I don't go and feed them once a day by the lake, sure enough they show up right on my doorstep, lol. I am up to about 20 pounds of cracked corn a day now, which comes out to be like $5.00-$6.00 a day. Thankfully, the VAST majority of them fly south for the winter so that gives me a little bit of a break financially speaking. The one small group I started feeding initially stay through the winter tho so I continue feeding them all through the year. In all honest, I love it. I wouldn't continue to do it if I didn't. As soon as they see me and I make this call that I do, they just come running up to me. Its pretty cool being surrounded by like 200+ ducks quacking anxiously. It gets so loud, you can barely hear someone speak. I actually have a few video's that I took so if anyone is interested in seeing them, I could always upload them to YouTube or something.

Beyond that Oakland County is a pretty peaceful place to live. My only real complaint is there really isn't a whole lot to photograph out this way. I'm a professional photographer and going out and shooting pictures for myself is one of my favorite activities. Its definitely one of the more boring landscapes around, which is why I purchased an old Airsteam and hit the road every chance I get. We do have the Red Wings tho, so that is a big bonus!! I definitely love me some Red Wings Hockey!!


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Cool, I've been around there before. Grew up in Michigan myself - Sterling Heights area. I moved to AZ about 10 years ago but still visit every few years to see family and friends. I definitely miss all the greenery, although with my allergies the weather not so much. Go Wings indeed!

Welcome to the site by the way :)


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Netherlands, North Eastern part, 10 miles from the german border. Nothing special, lots of nature though, which is nice, I guess.


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I'm from Toronto. :D I moved here last year for college. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the city-life though I do appreciate all the options available.

Those are some awesome pictures. :eek: