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Where are you from?


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I ...am really struggling to decide what to say...
Ummm...Not generic...
Uhhh.....Not wiki'd to the ###9th page...
So, there's a VERY Conservative Politically Correct and Uplifting status report on what it's like to find housing in this community. There are a couple of nicknames for our community, one polite and used in the News, the other not; The Energetic City, is the official...The other is a play on words (or in this case the cities name Fort St. John) and is typical misogynistic Oil Field Humor Mentality here...Nuff said?...

Our community is Oil and Gas, and as such we are largely transient (meaning no one stays much past 3 months).

We are the community with the highest STD, Rape and Teen Pregnancy Rate in B.C. the last time I checked. Our population is currently booming, with the second highest growth rate in B.C. - and not just because of how the women here are treated...We are also the first community hit with APB's and Bulletins for RCMP when they're looking for runaways, Pedophiles, Hebephiles, Murderers and other sorts - we're removed, our policing force is based on Stable pop, not transient, so not enough policing, what is here is also corrupt, and we're one of the last stops before you hit work Camps, where one who desires to fall off the radar may successfully do so with the help of one of any number of abused women or children...*yeah...Don't move to FSJ.

I've learned to enjoy being a shut-in because women like myself in this community are told to not leave home unescorted as "boys will be boys" and all that. So, the pic I used is one from a spot I used to love to visit. Would love to feel safe enough to visit. Have been harassed so often trying to visit, that one of my friends dubbed it "I Don't Want No Scrubs" park.

We do have a large number of parks surrounded by bush and wildlife, nature is never far.

Our College used to have two regular visitors every year - a Bear and a Moose. Both would show up to enjoy the free Community Grown Buffet, and eat whatever was left in the Community Garden at the end of every year. No one ever batted an eye about it, largely thanks to the First Nations respect for animals and life that clings persistently despite macho white stupidity and lack of respect. Two things about those wild animals being regulars; #1.) This fact is oddly mirrored by the names of the only two Radio Stations we have...The Bear, and The Moose... o.0 ... #2.) Planting the community Garden was a big deal for Foreign Exchange kids, so that they'd get to see up close, real wildlife - it was one of the unofficial selling features to attracting overseas students to our campus - a widely shared experience for students returning home from here. One exceptional year, both the Moose and Bear showed up with their current little ones in tow (both had two babies).

All good things come to an end. Shortly after the College banned Trades students (mostly males) from mingling with (a.k.a. sexually harassing, assaulting, and then threatening with physical violence several female students and a couple of male students who'd tried to protect one particularly harassed female who refused to just let the Trades Males have what they wanted - a free piece) Academic students (mostly female) we had a complaint from a local white person about the dangerous animals being allowed near campus and near students who often spent time out of doors at the picnic benches located midway between garden and college. The animals were tranquilized, and moved very far away. They did return and it was decided that the Community Garden needed to be destroyed - the animals were tranq'd and relocated again, very very far away. They did show up one more year later...After the next round of tranquilized relocations, neither of the families was seen again.

Our indigenous animals not only know how to make use of local Buffets, they know how to use Crosswalks and Controlled Intersections correctly...Nothing like watching the deer wait for the Crosswalk Sign to blink (while trying to make room for human pedestrians to hit the crosswalk buttons, which now stick out and can be shouldered by cautious four-legged cross-walk users) or waiting beside them (as they stand in a group of six or eight at the intersections), as you tap your fingers on the steering wheel, and they snort at your fancy rims, or kiss your glass windows, then watch them use the flashing turning lane only lights. Correctly...Which, most drunk drivers here fail to do regularly...Watching as they complete, in their string of eight, a correct turn and head out down the street at speed, hooves clattering on pavement...Humbling; how stupid we are, and how smart we think we are...I wonder who they learned their road signs from? We need to be sending our drunk drivers for training with the Deer Crossing Roads School...Wherever that is.

We don't do the Daylight Savings Clock jig here.

Ummmm...That's all I can really think of.
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I'm From Germany. It's a small City that nobody Really knows ( no it's not Bielefeld, This City does NOT Exist :D )
But if you want to see some Pictures of my City open the Spoiler
Our Ice Hockey Stadium

Our biggest Shopping Mall

Our OWN Monopoly Game :D


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Hello my fellow gamers! Names, Billy. I'm from the U.S. and I live in Pennsylvania in the north east. I'm Two hours from Philadelphia and New York. I work in the electronics industry. Cell phones, computers, etc, etc. First rule of tech support, unplug it and plug it back in. XD I'm absolutely addicted to Bloodborne. I picked it up along with several other games and its all I've been playing lol. I've got a bunch of multiplayer games so if anyone wants some company feel free to join in on the insanity. XD

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I was born and raised in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire United Kingdom. My Town has a rich history Most of which comes from the Tudor time era. It is better known as a Market town where farmers would come and sell cattle. Though recently it is going through some bad times like shops closing down. More and More housing estates being built and crime is on the increase.

I miss being a child where things all seemed perfect and care free. My town has changed dramatically the past 15 years.


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Proudly Hailing from Fleet in the UK


I'm from Norway. Currently living in a small town called Drøbak. A nice place with plenty of nature close by. Of course, I'm busy gaming, but it's nice to have a break once in a while.