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Why is my account blocked on the leaderboard?


New Member
Hello! I have never used exophase before. And Today it became interesting for me to try, but I realized that I was blocked in the leaderboard. How can I find out the reason for the blocking and get my account unblocked?
P.s. I'm sorry for my basic english.


Staff member
Enforcer Team
It was removed for the achievement Escape Artist in Break Into Zatwor - https://www.exophase.com/achievement/break-into-zatwor-steam/1074607-escape-artist/

This achievement has been unobtainable since launch. It looks like you've reset the achievements since, but in order to get listed on the leaderboards again, you need to create an appeal thread on the forums at https://forum.achievementhunting.com/viewforum.php?f=3

Someone there will review your profile and if everything looks good, then you will be added back on the leaderboards.