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Wi-Fi modem's Range decreased drastically!!!!?


New Member
Help! My wi-fi modem's range went from 10-20 meters to 5-6cms in almost a minute, though it was a gradual decrease. How do I repair it? It was working fine a while ago. And the probs with the modem. No wi-fi enabled devide can detect it.


Justin B / Supp. Editor
Enforcer Team
Wi-Fi Modem? Meaning your modem acts as your "router" as well. If that's the case then have you tried resetting the device (unplug the power; if it has a backup battery, remove that and then power it back on). If that doesn't fix it see if you can find a manual for it on the company's website and check out the troubleshooting section. Usually a reset of the device would work, although that would require resetting your wireless settings (password most likely will be reset). If that doesn't work then your modem might have just had a hardware failure and you'll need to ask your ISP for a new one


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Well, it's a ZXDSL531B. I tried resetting, but it didn't seem to be working. Seems like i'll be contacting the IP. Thanks!


If you can't access internet period in your household, it's the IPS.
If you can't access internet over Wifi, then it's usually the router.

The "range" or signal your referring to comes from your router, not your modem.


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K, then it's the router, 'cuz I am getting net over LAN, just not over WLAN. Even WLAN wirks, but only if I stick the wi-fi device almost inside the modem.