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Window 7 Phones


I am thinking about purchasing one since my service is AT&T. I was more so looking for a review on the OS and also why people have picked Win7 Mobile as opposed to Andriod or iOS.

Has anyone bought a phone with Win7 mobile yet or are people just getting sucked into other OS with apps.

Please explain with detail :)


I've been eligible for upgrade from the iphone 3g since last june and as I waiting to see what bugs surfaced for iphone4 before considering. But not ready to part with 299 for the upgrade. But then started looking at the motorola atrix ~ 1st gen of the tegra line. The upgrade is 499 but with 300 online rebate + another 100bones rebate from att and I'll end up only paying $99 for a 1gh duo core + 1gb of ddr2 ram + 16 gb of onboard mem and a micro sd card slot to add another 32gb = win in my book.


Thanks Outlaw for the commentary.

You know, I am actually more interested in the services provided by MS rather than how fast my device can preform.
I am also aware that iOS and the iPhone can already outperform Win7 mobile devices, but I am willing to give the struggling contender a chance. MS needs to do a MAJOR face lift to the features of current Win7 Mobile phones and should probably focus more on it than their tablet (rolley eyes). Samsung Focus looks the most appealing, but I might just wait. I want a serious answer with someone who had the Win7 Mobile and see what their take is.

Either wait for the next line of upgrades from MS or wait for the next iPhone to see if it's actually worth it

If anyone else has a suggestion, don't hesitate.