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Windows 7 being retarded


Just some dood
Well, I tried running a chkdsk on my bad hard drive while I could boot from Vista and the thing ran for about 3 hours and only was at 37% finding a ton of errors and me being the lazy impatient fuck I am restarted my computer. When Vista came back up I couldn't even see my other hard drive in device manager. I turned my computer off and only plugged that hard drive in and took the Vista one out, then it turns on and starts booting 7 and goes into a chkdsk and the thing took like 5 minutes and all of the sudden it booted into Windows 7 and has been working fine.

After it decided to work again I ran some RAM tests and a video memory stress test and it came up with about 40,000 errors before I stopped it so I got an RMA form and hopefully my shits sorted out now >.>.
Don't be lazy and do a full chkdsk when you can... You might have quite a few errors on the hdd...

El Diablo

I'm pretty sure the second one went through everyting, but I am planning on doing it agan.