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Windows 7 service pack 1


Well since this release, about 2 days ago, I have been trying to download it. It keeps getting stuck at 0% anyone know how to fix this?


ok will try it out thanks.

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One more question, theres about 5 downloads here, which one do I choose

El Diablo

I would assume it does.


No it doesn't, mine is cracked and it's fine. I may have gotten lucky, you have to run a genuine check from the site Andy gave me, but it said mine was genuine so I'm not complaining.


Same with me, just downloaded the GenuineCheck program, and am now downloading the service pack with the key it gave me, so I'm assuming mine was found genuine (it didn't explicitly say it was genuine).


I haven't noticed a difference, probably added a few things to speed it up and a few bug changes, nothing big.


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Is there any real benefit to installing SP1 though?

I too have a cracked Win7-64bit ultimate.
Usually there's always a benefit with installing a new SP however this one doesn't have many changes that the end-user will notice. Most of the changes are for Windows Server 2008 which includes RemoteFX support (offering a better remote desktop experience). I'm in no rush to get it myself even with a legit copy of W7


I installed it tonight, and not long after I used System Restore to reverse it because my computer was soo incredibly slow that the mouse would lag and low resolution videos would play at like 1frame/2seconds, don't know if it was the service pack or the flash update I did right after, but as FrozenIpaq said there isn't much benefit from it, so I just uninstalled it, it's back to normal now.


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I actually have a legit copy of windows 7 X86, updated it, didnt notice any difference
I think my coldboot time has increased maybe 15 seconds on my desktop but nothing positive. My netbooks wifi signal seems stronger though but that could be just a placebo.
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I've installed it and my copy remains genuine but I haven't noticed any improvement. Oh well.