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[WIP] Nova


Coding random shit
Hello everyone, i've been spending the last few weeks working on a game for the pc called nova.

essentially it combines the aspect of pokemon's 2D world/creature catching system, with an final fantasy tatics combat system, although it's implemented in real time, rather than turn-based systems.

This is the 5th publicly shown build.

None of the artwork, models, and animation are even remotely final, most work has been all mine(and I'm a very shitty artist/modelor). so i only ask that their is no criticism of the current graphics.

also, the sudden exits from the battle is because of a creature's health has fallen below zero, and their is currently no end battle screen.

all feedback is appreciated.

edit: ok, youtube really screwed up the quality on this one, the video needs to be fixed, but i unfortuantly can't do it tonight, i'll have a better quality one up tommorow.


eXo Admin
Enforcer Team
Nice pet project slicer. It's coming along well. :)