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World of Warcraft not tracking?


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I just reactivated my WoW account today and tried linking it to my exophase account. I've gone through the steps of allowing exophase to see my profile on Blizzard's end and can even see that it has permissions on my account page there. I tried syncing my accounts on exophase (the thing you can do 5 times per day). I tried reauthenticating on exophase. I tried removing the link and adding it back, and i even tried both of those things after removing permissions from battle.net and then re-adding them. Does anyone know what might be going on?


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Enforcer Team
I just tried running a manual sync through the account page here and it picked up the achievements now.

If you haven't played in awhile, sometimes you need to sign in / and sign out of WoW before it starts showing character data in the API, as Blizzard hides data for inactive characters.