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wrong times


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hello. I recently noticed that in exophase I have 400 hours more than normal. those same 400 hours appeared in the space of just 12 days. which would be impossible! However, on another site, PSX, my hours are normal there. What would be the problem?
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I don't know, what game specifically is showing incorrect hours? Maybe it's the other site that is wrong?
No dia 6 tirei uma captura de tela para postar eram 9.490 horas e 12 dias depois o site mostra 9.940. Isso seriam 500 horas em 12 dias. sendo isso impossível. Porque o único jogo depois do dia 6 é o banishers e só joguei 53 horas. Por isso creio que seja alguma falha no exophase


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As for why the total hour count jumped so suddenly, it's possible some of your games weren't showing any playtime before and it was something Sony fixed. But I did try running a complete resync (wiping all your profile data and re-syncing with PSN) and it shows the same hours.

You'd have to go over the list and compare with that other site, let me know if any games are different and I can check what PSN is showing.

I personally don't see any issues on our end though.