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WWDC 2009 June 8-12 in San Francisco


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Apple announces WWDC 2009 dates; iPhone, Snow Leopard countdowns begin
by Nilay Patel, posted Mar 26th 2009 at 2:06PM

Here we go: Apple's just announced that its Worldwide Developers Conference will take place June 8-12 in San Francisco. If you'll recall, last year's WWDC was where a little gadget called the iPhone 3G made its appearance, and we'd say chances are good we'll see new hardware this year as well -- especially since there'd be no bigger way for Steve Jobs to make his planned June return to the company. Also on the list of expected attendees? Snow Leopard, possibly with a revised interface. It should be a big one -- you know we'll be digging for all the info we can get in the leadup, so keep it locked.

Update: Jobs said he'd be out until the "end of June," of course. Still, we've got a feeling he'd want to be involved in any iPhone hardware announcements. We'll see!
Apple announces WWDC 2009 dates; iPhone, Snow Leopard countdowns begin

Not much to say aside from big things are going to happen.


iPhone Developer (prev. PSP Dev)
I wanted to go in general, but it's way too expensive for a peon like me to afford. Even the students' price :closedeyes:

Aside from what you're looking forward to, it would've been nice to sit in on some of those lectures on developing for both Mac and iPhone... Boy do I wish I could go :cry: