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Xbox Play Time not adding for any games


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I'm brand new to this community. I apologize if this is being posted in the wrong area.

Problem updated: My Xbox One X isn't tracking play time for any games under progress / stats (even the ones that have tracking for playtime). This has been going on for a few days now.

I recently noticed that my NBA 2k20 playtime isn't updating the 'time played' stat under progress - stats on my Xbox. I checked the game I played before it, and Life is Strange definitely did not update either. I have a very specific reason for tracking NBA 2k playtime that I will not bore you with the details about. I am connected to online, with open NAT.

Is this a known problem that has a fix?

Thank you,

J Teeps


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It's really not the best idea for Microsoft to be getting lazy or removing features the same year the new consoles are going to be launched. I gamed on Xbox One because it's the cheapest way to play 4K and it has time tracking. If they remove features like time tracking and don't even help out people that pay $60 a year to play online with fixing these problems then I don't see a reason to even go with them next generation since they don't really have exclusives anyway. If nothing is tracked then I can literally just use Steam since they have all of the multiplatform games anyway and it has Achievements and time tracking and I can buy a PS5 for all of their exclusives.

It's ridiculous enough that most games don't track time anymore which was the first thing that made me lose trust in them. Who knows what other features they will just remove on a whim that many people have loved and ignore the fans that want answers? Most of the people that like time tracking are the most dedicated people that play on your system. It's a really bad idea to make them go elsewhere for these features because you decided to quietly remove them without telling anyone why.
feel the same I like that feature it shows me how much im attached to my games, thats why i bought Xbox one x cyberpunk edition. Got my first xbox and BANG~! time tracking OFF.. this SUCKS man,.


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Still not fixed all these weeks later. Not even an acknowledgement. I'm wondering if they purposely discontinued it at this point and are just ignoring anyone who talks about it.
Still not fixed all these weeks later. Not even an acknowledgement. I'm wondering if they purposely discontinued it at this point and are just ignoring anyone who talks about it.
same here.. I post they tweeter accounts regulary about it but no reaction from MS. If gaming sites would write about it we could find out more what's the couse behind this decission to turn off time tracking but it looks like nobody cares :mad:


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About a year ago I started raising a stink online to whoever I knew on the Xbox team about the fact that games started just not having any stats on the dash. I was mostly worried about the time played not being used. I love the whole idea of stats on the dash and the built in leaderboards. After talking with a few people in the know this is what I was told..

Yes .. after years of requiring a min of stats including time played Xbox decided due to complaints from devs to remove any requirements for any of this. Sounds like Devs complained all the time about having to have some sort of leaderboard and the tools given to make these were not great. I could understand the stats part but time played should act like Steam, GOG or Epic. Meaning it should be a system level feature.

Fast forward a year and the vast majority of games dont have stats.. the feature is dying and it upsets me so much. I have no faith that they will add anything time played to the system level for the next xbox. Meanwhile I sorta think Sony might add this stat because I know it is heavily requested.

The only thing I ever got as far as what we as fans of this stat is I was told to message devs.. of course we dont find out if games have it until they are just about released.. so devs can not add it that late.

Now here is the strange thing... in the last couple years back compat 360 titles when played on the X1... have pulled time played here. You can not see it on the dash as there is no stats but exophase has been pulling time played for 360 games on x1 a while. I do not think MS even knows this is happening but it also proves it already is a system level feature.

I have messaged Phil.. and others that they need to at least have a time played tracker if they are gonna offer refunds based on time played. That was the very reason Epic made sure they added it to their store front.

Anyways... the more noise we can make the better. MS needs to make this a system level visual stat for every game next gen. So do not hold your breath on MS fixing the stats page if there are issues.. they seem to have moved onto it currently.
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it seems that they will fix timetracking in first week of june acording to this guy who contacted xbox agent that said that they'll fix this coz they have many reports about it.
so there is a hope :)


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First week of July not June 😉
Great news. It doesn’t seem to be fixed yet, but it’s promising to know it’s being worked on. Wonder if the fix will add all of the time that hasn’t been recorded in the last few months.


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I saw a post in another forum that a User spoke to xbox support agent on 06. July and they said its been fixed internally and we have to wait until it gets put into an upcoming console update...